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Fake old pictures August 29, 2008

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We would have made a mighty fine couple in the 1950s I must say.

Get your retro yearbook pictures here

Many thanks to Abi for the intro (though we have an even better surprise for you!)


Old pictures August 28, 2008

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This is what I found in my old memory card:
Old grills

Anyone has any idea where to buy such grilles?
Old room
Just before I left my 15 year old room last year.
Old things
People discard things easily.


What a glorious feelin’ August 24, 2008

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It rained the whole time we were in Bintan this weekend. I think under normal circumstances, I would have been annoyed, because this is about the only time I get to try to get the pasty white skin a little rosier/tanner. But this time round, I was just so grateful to be given the chance to do nothing so I just read Gaiman/Murakami books to whisk myself into another world, had buffet breakfasts, drank a lot of spa drinks (lemongrass-ginger rocks) and walked along the beach under the drizzle.

Since we are on rain-related topics, I also managed to squeeze out a short essay just before the trip for a little anthology in tribute to my favourite musical, my wonderful childhood and good ol’ rain. (more…)


Factory Shopping August 21, 2008

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This is going to sound auntie, but I’m going to say it anyway:

The highlight of my week was grabbing salmon steaks in a giant fridge at Fassler.

I was so excited about CHEAP! GOURMET! SEAFOOD! CHEAP! that I stayed in the freezer room a little too long oohing and aaahing at the gorgeous slabs of tuna tatakis and seafood terrines. By the time I got out, my hands were numb (but full).

Next door was this place (forgot name so won’t be tempted to buy) selling every kind of sausage on the face of this earth, as well as some impressive looking roasts. A colleague was spotted running gleefully towards the building exclaiming, “Meat heaven! Meat heaven!” Their bratwursts apparently rock.

And if you just walk down a little more, there’s Foodedge selling CHEAP! GOURMET! ICE-CREAM! CHEAP! I’ve tried the mango sorbet, it’s pretty good. And if it’s too much of a hassle to come down to the ulu North, they take online orders and do deliveries too.

Basically, these factories supply their products to hotels and restaurants all over Singapore but if you buy from them directly here, there are plenty of savings to be made. Like factory outlet shopping – only in this case, the foodstuff may even be better because it’s fresh from the source.

With the inflated prices of food, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to find good quality food at reasonable prices these days. With today’s visit,  I realise that WAH! there are actually plenty of food suppliers in the Ulu North selling at wholesale prices (finally, something noteworthy about this area). Loveleh.


Aunty Godpa Report: Nate to Date August 17, 2008

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Nate, Dyson/Tai Sheng/Guy Sng?, Seng) Taken by D.

Male bonding (L-R: Nate, Dyson/Tai Sheng/Guy Sng?, Seng) Taken by D.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about one of my favourite little fellas: Nate

We’ve actually been hanging out every now and then. Yesterday, we were over at his place and he gave us three little penguins as well as Harold the Helicopter as welcome gifts. 

The last time he was over at my place, he was playing Catch a little too enthusiastically, fell down, and cried for a loooooonnnng time. But by the time he had to go home, he still managed to give hugs. 

The other time he was at my place, Bryan hung him upside down and Nate’s mummy was a little worried something might get dislocated. He loved it though. 

Nate has very defined tastes and I must say they are rather high-brow and eclectic. But I think this will enable him to have a solid grammatical foundation and an intellectual sense of humour. He also has his own little neighbourhood posse and has even appeared in the headlines recently. 

D. and I are very proud of Nate and love him very much. 




In a bid for a more open society, nanny state Singapore has decided to return parental controls to parents. To ensure a smooth transition, suitability testing has also been introduced. Couples such as Darren and Melanie Soh are closely scrutinized by government officials in a sterile playlab as they interact with test subject ‘nate’. Suitable couples will be licensed and entitled  to National Advancement Grants (NAG) plus 1 pack of free pampers. (A Parent Photo/Wong Maye-e) 



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Will grow back

Will grow back

After taking a look at some rather tired, bloated, sullen shots taken recently, I realise, it’s not just the vanity crying out in horror. It’s the cry that something needs to be done with the whole attitude of everything. 

There are circumstances that I can never change. But there are always choices to be made. 

There are certain things that will change you and your thinking for life. But that doesn’t mean things can’t be changed drastically again. For the better. 

Don’t drag others down with you. 

Don’t let others drag you down. 

Appreciate the blessings. 

Appreciate the differences. 

Find out who I am again.


As the truck hits August 13, 2008

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Once my body registered that it was finally time for a little rest, it slowly unravelled and today, I woke up with a burning head and a headache that made me feel like I had a really thick tongue (no other way to describe it). With some Panadol Extras, I tried to settle some important matters, settled them, and proceeded to crash after lunch.

I wake up now still feeling rather not quite there, but realised that even though I have been feeling underwater the weather, I have made so many more observations about people these past few days:

– a lady cycling around my estate with bright blue gloves, a purple head scarve and bright red lipstick

– a bus driver with a radio-friendly voice and unusually impeccable manners. He greets each entering passenger in three different languages. Some of the (possibly) Bangaldeshi workers in yellow boots looked a little taken aback, but then waved happily after being acknowledged so nicely while the locals mostly ignored him because they haven’t been equipped to deal with such situations before.

– a cab driver, a former Nantah graduate who in a short span of 5 minutes expressed profound regret for his life choices. “I should have learnt English, those who did in my kampong started driving cars. Instead I went to a place where I was brainwashed and instead of telling you to learn, they told you to hold demonstrations.” He also expressed sympathy for my generation because even though we learn English now, it does not mean we will drive cars.

– a lady who got caught in the rain very cleverly took out her thongs so she could move around much faster on the wet, soggy ground barefoot.

– capisicums, just before they get burnt, produce this transparent skin covering