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Hello Nate January 29, 2007

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Three Two-month-old Nate talks (and articulates quite well might I add) ! And here’s a video that mummy Maye-e has put up to prove it. Amazing genius baby Nate!

Video Reviews:
“He sounds like a parrot!”
“The PAP should be scared of him…very scared.”
“I wonder what he’s going to say next?”


It’s not just me January 27, 2007

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Nike spoof

I’ve been a horrible grouch during weekdays for the last three weeks. And while that makes me not terribly pleasant company, I realise that being grouchy makes me aware of what really gets my goat. First thing: too much shopping. Yes, really.

It’s been quite frustrating trying to explain to others this particular gripe – mostly because I’m not very good in expressing things rationally. I’ve always felt there’s something fundamentally wrong with this obsession for possession – buying things has never given me total contentment (though of course, some of the things I buy are needed), and too much of good things just makes one numb.

Finding this website through Keri’s blog is a godsend because the last few days, I’ve been feeling quite out of place of late. This website has managed to put everything I’ve been feeling across so well and more. And I will definitely be taking part in their Buy Nothing Day this year.


Hang in there January 25, 2007

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This is the period of my life where I see sad things happening to the people around me and I feel so…helpless. I can give objective, rational view dispensed by woman magazine agony aunts, I can even say to some, “I know how you feel” but judging by how these tactics totally flopped for me during my down period last year, all I can do is pray that the Big Guy up there is able to provide comfort to these friends. A really good cry, a lifting of that heavy weight from the heart, a line from a book, something they see on the streets, anything. Pain is such a personal thing.


Letters January 21, 2007

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To you: Please don’t forget.

To you: Please let go.

To you: Pinkie finger.

To you: Fight it out.

To you: Bye bye.

To you: Don’t give up.

To you: Where are you?

With all my love,



Just for the record January 20, 2007

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When I’m with you, I promise to:

1) Excuse myself if my mobile phone rings.

2) Apologise if I feel the need to reply an SMS. And will cap it at three messages.
3) Restrain from checking the phone for messages unless there’s something urgent I’m expecting.

4) Never ever log onto MSN/Yahoo Messenger or check my e-mail while having lunch/tea/dinner with other people.

I love the convenience and speed of technology, but more than ever, I think it’s making us the most attention-deficit, inconsiderate bunch of people.

This is my first tech-related PMS episode.


Poot. January 17, 2007

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17th Jan 2007

So generally, the picture above describes what I’ve been feeling like after hearing lots and lots about inductions and thrusts and value-addedness for the last three days. Thank you God for the funny lunch companions, MSN and most importantly,  a tablet laptop that I can doodle on for hours. Amen.


H20 January 14, 2007

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14th Jan 2007

I wonder why this guy’s face is white (especially if he came from brown stuff). I wonder why he gets to have one of those National Day hats. I wonder why he’s so happy here even though he’s just a leftover. I wonder why he looks so self-assured even though no one trusts him.


Wind beneath my strings January 10, 2007

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10th Jan 2007

So I’ve not been able to blog-a-picture everyday, but still am keeping up with taking a picture everyday. This is a most constructive activity, since I am so tired these days trying to get used to a full-time working life. Whipping out the camera keeps me aware about the things around me, which is pretty good since sometimes I’m not even clued in on what month or year I’m in (yes, really that tired).

Good news: I managed to drive to school all by meself on Tuesday! Pray for more safe journeys ahead.
Bad news: A professor I worked a bit with for the museum project suddenly passed away from a heart attack yesterday. He had such an interesting character and seemed to love his work very much – I only wish I’d got to know him better during the few times we met.


Clearing the room January 7, 2007

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7th Jan 2007

Bye bye lovely mirror that makes my face look thinner, you’ve been sweet but now you are way too grey and dirty and affecting my sinuses. I remember you were a surprise Christmas present and I was touched by the people who gave you to me. I’m not sure how those people are doing now, but I certainly hope that I manage to get back in touch with them this year, to thank them for all their unexpected gestures of friendship over the years. It’s people like them I should appreciate more. But for you, I’m afraid it’s to the incinerator you go.


An old friend

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6th Jan 2007

Brought J to the National Museum and discovered that the souvenir shop sells kitsch ’80s propoganda T-shirts, I am eyeing the Productivity Bee one where the back loudly proclaims “Together we will succeed”. Another interesting find was a rather fossilized lizard smashed on one of the museum doors. Took a picture of it, but in good taste, have decided not to publish it.

I am feeling old after meeting such friends and I feel we have all lost a little somethin-somethin this past decade – innocence? excitement? ego?