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Adjusting April 16, 2008

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There were so many things I had hoped to record down here but haven’t had the chance to:

…the 2nd hen’s night (abi, maye-e, can pass some of the more respectable pics can? thanks!)

…how I might have knocked down two worried-looking emu birds, which really is the most surreal driving experience in the world

…how sembawang is a pretty friendly estate with very nice policemen and concerned hawkers

However, I have been a little pre-occupied with:

…housework, why is there so much dust all the time? Siong.

…trying to get a PMSish washing machine to work (now working with a new motor finally alleluia). Medium siong.

…trying to figure out what the new work scope is all about without ripping hair apart. Uber siong.

And everytime I go anywhere beyond Yishun, I feel like I’ve crossed a couple of time zones. Jean, I realise you are my only extreme Northerner friend (at least for now)…shall we pay each other visits soon?


While eating in Melbourne… April 7, 2008

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Happy Mojito

D. and I got into this rather heated debate about how there seem to be so many “food critics” amongst our midst (us included)  and how much we tend to speak about food and restaurants with the authority of a culinary expert (which most of us are not). He thinks that it’s about “peer sharing” and spreading the joy of good food around while I, the more pessimistic one, felt it was also a little about cultural capital accumulation and a status/popularity symbol if one has visited all the scmancy restaurants hip people are supposed to visit. Perhaps this “atas foodie know-it-all” thing is just somewhere in between.

This topic was brought up after one of his friends asked us to try out this supposedly hip new restuarant (won’t mention names, but the link is here, you have been warned) and it was one of the most awful and expensive meals we had there. However, please don’t take my word for it, coz’ one of our other dining companions absolutely loved it having ordered different things from us.

Anyway, right now, I am going to post pictures of food I liked in Melbourne, just a little picture collection for my records because well, fake food critic aside, I do love good food and memories of eating well definitely cheer.

The Press Club

The Press Club is a Modern Greek restaurant housed in a building formerly owned by a newspaper (hence the name). We had no idea what to order being the food philistines we were so the waitress brought out some chef set’s and it was all very nice and lovely. Lamb was goooooooooooood.

Ricotta pancakes at Replete Providore

Replete Providore is my favourite place to go for breakfast in Melbourne even though it is in the middle of the suburbs. Beautiful pancakes (and I usually don’t like pancakes) and I’m a big fan of their corn fritters.

Wagyu tataki

I finally got to eat at Taxi Dining Room, where rich Singaporean students dine after exams (obviously, I did not eat there while I was a student) and I had a raw meat dish which I actually liked – Wagyu Tataki I think and there was a lot of sesame oil is nice. A lot of the fine dining restaurants in Melbourne like to get very Asian and all and I find it a bit disconcerting coz Chinatown also got lah! And cheaper some more! But nice ambience. Ezard is also a nice place to go if you like Asian-influenced fine-dining (no pictures as too dark).

Gusto at Sorrento

We had been eating lots of ang moh junk food in Wilsons Prom before heading to Sorrento Bay. Popping by Gusto was one of the best decisions ever made coz they serve fresh bread and plenty of healthy yummy stuff. This is just a simple huge mushroom on a rye loaf slice but it tasted heavenly to me.

Il Dolce Freddo

But what was beyond heavenly is still as always Il Dolce Freddo ice-cream. The Roche ice cream literally made me smile and D. fell head over heels with his Pandan Coconut flavour and was telling EVERYBODY he met about it. Several times.  We also went back several times for what has to be the best gelato in the world (not verified).

Ok now it is time to detox.



Over the rainbow April 4, 2008

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Melbourne’s weather was on its worst behaviour when we were there with a cold front when we arrived, followed by persistent rain when we drove down to Wilsons Prom and Great Ocean Road, then sticky scorching weather and we departed with howling gale winds causing flight delays and cancellations.

However, despite all this, I still have a soft spot for this unpredictable place. It’s both beautiful and ugly, and it’s also a place that contains happy and sad memories for me. And I love the space in the country. I just love the fact that there is nothingness and flat land and no people around for the next few miles. I may not be able survive in that environment long term, but short term, it just gives me space in my mind, and maybe my heart.

 I really loved how the B&B owners we stayed with at Wilsons Prom carried on with their lives. They don’t waste their excess food (all goes to the chickens), they saved an injured bird they call Brian and that little pecker often stopped by the window sill to chirp a bit during breakfast time (which included fresh tomatoes and berries from their garden). They recycle plastic and paper, they only go to the city once every few months and they astutely measure rain levels every month to make sure their soil is ok.

It’s not highly exciting stuff, but somehow, I just wish that my life could be as simple and as closely connected with nature as that. 


Express highlights from 15 March April 1, 2008

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Finally, a good enough Australian connection to upload this up.

Kudos to Anthony who managed to dig out some not-so-unflattering pictures and taking pictures so cleverly on the sly.

Going back tomorrow….dang.