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#atozchallenge: 2016 Theme Reveal #atozreveal March 26, 2016

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Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington & Benny Goodman by Herman Leonard (NYC, 1948)


Last year, I gave up on the A to Z Challenge because a) the rest of my life was a little crazy b) I chose a topic I was hoping to feel more for, but what I’ve realised is that feelings cannot be forced, even with writing.

As such, this year, I decided to choose something that has always evoked strong emotions within me: music. Specifically, old jazz standards. I was an overprotected teen who was barred from listening to  most secular music until 17. And when I was finally given that freedom to listen to whatever I wanted to, I chose the vintage stuff. Perhaps it is nostalgia on my part – my estranged dad watched musical after musical with me when I was a kid and is the quintessential shower jazz singer (I am one too).

I really hated studying. I would try to numb that aversion with old jazz standards, which almost always brought me to a different time and world where people were actually living lives of passion and pain rather than just moping and whinging about (my two favourite adolescent activities).

And so, for the month of April 2016, I would like to re-visit all my favourite jazz standards and use them as prompts to come up with short 500-600 words stories. In a way, this collection will also end up being like a mixtape for the few of you who end up here as well 🙂

It’s been a while, and I’m really looking forward to it. The official name of my theme is: #jazzyshorts