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Point of exhaustion September 30, 2007

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And I really shouldn’t be that way since my life is in no way hectic by urban standards. But that’s how it is – depleted is the only way I can describe it.

Perhaps it is the realisation that fitting into the system requires too much brain-numbing and fitting a square into a round hole.

Perhaps it is the labels that I try to remove from myself and other people – and yet it unwittingly becomes the main basis of judgement (why am I judging in the first place?).
Perhaps it is the few young people that I try to help in whatever little way I can – but realise how hopeless it is because the circumstances are so overwhelming.

Perhaps because the unresolved skeletons have come out of the wardrobe for some airing, and probably will be prancing around quite a bit for the next few months.

Perhaps it is because I have been neglecting the spiritual side of things for a while – and while legalism and seemingly self-righteous cliques are really disturbing to me, I also realise now how these institutions and sub-groups give guidelines and comfort that no brilliant logical insight or hard hitting social commentary can ever provide. (these just make you go “Aha! So the world is as screwed up as I thought it was!” but does not solve anything) If only I can find the right balance between the two.

Perhaps I am just spending too much time on Facebook – MUST restrain. You know things have gotten a little out of hand when someone approaches you during a wedding reception and declares with a straight face, “Your Fluff Friend beat my Horny Beast in a race and now I have lost all my munny.”


Strange day September 22, 2007

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22nd Sept 2007

A furniture shop with a cock as the greeter.

A supremely annoying kid behind me at the cinema who keeps reading out the English subtitles before the lines are actually being said.

An Italian restaurant filled to the brim with Tibetan monks.

A birthday boy who blasts late 90s music, doubles up as the emcee and gives the entire hotel a running commentary of what birthday presents he has received.


A Snail’s Pace September 12, 2007

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11th Sept 2007

While cars, a Malaysia-Singapore train, and people scurried by, I spent 10 minutes watching this little sludgy inch across the pavement to munch on some grass.

This contemplative duration made me wonder what this juicy fella would taste like with garlic, butter and fresh herbs – its shiny surface gave an impression of succulence.

Of course, on a more existential note, it reminded me to go slow.


Eight Treasure Craving September 9, 2007

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Eight Treasures

Taken from Bananagranola

Need more Tea Take 5 moments…will start hunting for Ba Bao Cha soon. It’s good stuff.



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9th Sept 2007

I passed by a lot of fallen trees today. I’m not sure if that is a sign of something.


Catching my breath September 2, 2007

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31st Aug 2007

Life’s not bad. But I have been a little breathless of late because:

– I took a First Aid course and ended up hyperventilating slightly while administering CPR.

– I learned Balloon Sculpting (see above) and also ended up hyperventilating a bit after laughing too much over lewd jokes about blowing long balloons.

– I fell sick and the asthma has returned in full force, which generally makes me breathless about anything quite easily.

– No matter what, at some point, the pace of life here will always get me flabbergasted and catching for breath: what’s the point of all this rush? Why do I feel so strongly inclined to be a 150% efficient robot who’s online 24 hours a day?

– Hokkien love songs from local movie 881 are breathtaking! The Ming Zhu sisters are like super Billie Holidays lor!