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Maybe Auntie PC was right February 27, 2008

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Kiam Pa

Auntie Pee Chin: Aiyoh….why you look so serious? Must smile more. You both look so miserable.

Me (impatiently): We are trying to get 1930s type photos where people don’t smile one!

Auntie Pee Chin observes the shoot suspiciously, then comforts herself: “Aiyah, at least the dirt doesn’t show up on the photo.”

The result: A kiam pah image that will tempt any Ah Beng to bash us up.

Obviously, this does not make it to the reception table display either.


An eye bagful February 24, 2008

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Yesterday, my facial auntie solemnly declared that she has never seen my eye bags so dark and puffy before and slopped on a whole bunch of stuff she usually doesn’t apply, followed by an eyebag massage which was a very surreal experience. If anyone else has been through that, could you share what yours was like with me? Anyway, judging by my black face and bad skin, she delicately chose not to ask me about my wedding yesterday, which is something she has been very kay poh about the last year or so, right down to what D. would be wearing (she likes his skin a lot).

However, there are a lot of other people, with good intentions I’m sure,  who ask me whether I am excited about the wedding. Well, I am looking forward to being married to a guy I love, but not so much all the fruity pomp and ceremony that has to go along with it. To be really honest, what I am most looking forward to is getting away from all this craziness with the long honeymoon (more like refuge) to Melbourne. Some friends have been really supportive and helpful and I’m really touched by that, and occasionally my family reveals moments of trying to go along with things, which I know takes a lot out of them so I must be grateful. And I really do love looking at Martha Stewart magazines now, their aesthetics actually cheer me up.

However, what I really cannot wait to be rid off:

– all that admin work. I long for my life to go back to just one simple, to-list with less than 10 items

– being expected to be girly. I really don’t know how to describe the gowns other than one is white, one is blue and I like ‘ em. I really don’t want to use roses for the wedding. I really don’t want to wear Auntie Y’s humongous family heirloom bling bling necklace and if I lose it, I lose my head as well. I really cannot wait to cut my hair off the day after the wedding.

– The Elders changing their minds every two days or so and adding a couple of drastic, last minute changes which send us all into a frenzy

Uncle was right.


Chungking Express (1994) February 16, 2008

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This is a little late to be watching this. But for some strange reason, I’ve always thought that this movie was about a railway station, which didn’t sound very interesting to me. Another Wong Kar Wai film I remember watching is In the Mood For Love, which I caught in some Midwestern arthouse cinema and for some strange reason, everyone started laughing every time Tony Leung slurped on his food. It was most disconcerting and ruined the film for me.But since all these arty movies are at my disposal at the school library (e.g. really way over the head stuff like Un Chien Andalou), I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my film diet. And what a delight to watch! A great script with wonderful characterizations – I never thought I could find Faye Wong that lovable especially when she boogies with tongs to California Dreamin! And the always gorgeous Tony Leung is absolutely believable as he gives pep talks to his stuff toys, rags, soap and beer bottles (mostly coz’ I have chats with inanimate objects occasionally too). It’s nice to see Takeshi Kaneshiro act as a fumbling dodo for a change and Lin Ching Hsia remains agelessly beautiful in her final film.

We’re all unlucky in love sometimes. When I am, I go jogging. The body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears.

(Tony Leung to a dripping towel): It was such a relief when I saw it crying. It may look different, but it’s still true to itself. It’s still an emotionally charged towel.


Balancing Act February 11, 2008

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Let's hope the mothers never see this (2)

Over the CNY break, we had a sort-of photo shoot at our new place and my grandpa’s old place for about half a day with D’s friend, Ming (thanks Ming!). This was after a request was fielded by the elders that we needed a portrait shot of some sort at the reception tables (how can we not have pictures blah blah blah….)

It was kind of fun, but mostly very exhausting. D. says that usually, it is the woman’s hiaoness that will carry the couple through a full day of tramping around the whole of Singapore, followed by studio shots with glaring lights. These BTBs (bride-to-bes) are intent to get as many pweety, sweetie shots as possible.

For me, the fake eyelashes were really annoying the hell out of me, so after an hour, I was kind of looking forward for it to be over (it was a really hot day and there were large and medium format cameras involved). However, I also know that Ming takes really interesting pictures so if anything, I am curious as to what kind of images he will come up with. Well, these two here are just some of the silly ones which the old fogeys will NOT see. Nyah nyah.

Let's hope the mothers never see this (1)


The Festive Alarm Bells of CNY February 8, 2008

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CNY 2008

As usual, I witnessed the usual barrage of inappropriateness this CNY from my mum’s nosy, matriarchal family. I swear, it must be their childhood of living together all in one big household – there just doesn’t seem to be a sense of boundaries of any sort.

“Ah X ah, good you wear long top, makes you look less fat.”

“Why you must get Thai-Japanese girlfriend? You know Thais are just after your money.”

“Wah, your two sons look so different! One so prosperous and one so scraw- skinny.”

“Mimi [the dog] fang pi [let out gas], not me” *peals of hysterical laughter*

“See, see, A give her first paycheck to her parents, you never give me anything!”

We had to practically engineer a game of bridge so a certain poor male cousin could make an escape from an 8-odd auntie squad interrogating him KGB style on why he did not want to get married. And poor sweet Zachary (pictured here with my sis in more peaceful times) was wailing and drooling in indignation as he was passed round from one loud, clicking female to another.

On the bright side, because my mum did ALL the talking related to the pending wedding thing (including invitation distribution, recruiting cousin helpers even though I specifically told her I did not require any more help, and what kind of renovations we did for our new place), I was pretty much spared from the general nosyness that prevailed and managed to read half of Shutterbabe (a trashy story, but still much better than listening to which kid got into GEP and which poor offspring is going to be coerced into medicine).

Only at CNY. I don’t think I would find it funny at all if it was more than once a year.


Happy Wall February 3, 2008

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Happy Wall

Hello, so yesterday Ee Shaun came to paint our Happy Wall and we are all very Happy indeed.

Wall girl

See the resemblance?

And here’s how the wall got painted 🙂