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On Frivolous Matters August 10, 2008

Filed under: Whee! — mel @ 11:40 am

Let’s just say that I felt a huge boost to my general well-being over the weekend after reading this refreshing commencement speech by Adrian Tan and this particular Slow blog entry on time poverty.

Of course, it’s also the fact that classes are ending and hello, it means free weekends again!

You see , I think some of the students and I have generally been quite burnt out by the semester.

Exhausted till the eyeballs are rolling

Exhausted till the eyeballs are rolling

However, I must say that it is the craziness of the young ones that has been keeping me sane these past few months. My amusement with their antics has garnered a rather ironic nickname (I think D. might possibly snort and flare his nostrils wildly at this):


(The context: we were playing Hangman to urm, stimulate learning.)

I am also looking forward to two trips: one quick-fix Bintan thing again (a wedding present) and in October, Vanessa’s elaborate Hindi wedding in South Africa woo hoo!

And later, I’m going to cook things in the kitchen! Life is good!


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