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The first of many to come March 29, 2011

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A Memory I Totally Cannot Recall

A friend scans some really old photos and asks me: “So who was that guy next to you?”

And for the first time in my life, I have absolutely no recollection.

Even more perplexing:

– Why were there two birthday cakes?
– There’s a Takashimaya bag on the right so it can’t be THAT long ago.

I’ve always thought that I’ve had an impeccable memory of my youth. But it seems that some things are slipping away now….gah!



My Refuge March 10, 2011

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I’ve been to the Good Shepherd Oasis four times since 2003. It’s such a wonderful place  to tune out, seek God, listen to wise advice and regroup.

It saddens me greatly that my one and only spiritual refuge in Singapore will be gone soon.(Gahmen pulling it down to build North South Expressway – an “act of terrorism” according to Sister Elizabeth.)

Capturing the memories – plan to go at least one more time before it’s pulled down next year.