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AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal March 23, 2015

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The theme I’m setting for myself this year is probably the hardest one I’ve set yet. I am planning to write about my country, Singapore. It’s a place I don’t feel much for. This is an anomaly because as a highly sensitive person, I feel for so many things/people/animals/issues easily and can pretty much cry about anything if I just “reflect on stuff” or am having a bad day. But not Singapore. I don’t think I’ve actually felt a swell of national pride in my life. Why is this so? This is what I hope to explore during this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


Here are the parameters I’ve set for myself:

– Each entry will be 50 words. Firstly, because of time constraints. Secondly, because it ties in nicely with the fact that Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence with a massive propaganda patriotic campaign called SG50.

– I’ll try to include a photo of Singapore with each entry (usually related to what I’m writing about), just so that readers popping by from other parts of the world will get a better sense of what this place is about.

– I anticipate that what I’ll be writing is poetic prose or proseish poetry, and possibly rather confessional and biographical. So, yeah, angsty stuff.

– I’ll be posting this on Instagram as well with the hashtag #sg50words. You can find me there @melanderings.