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1396 May 23, 2007

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I will not forget this number for a long time.

This is the number of nasty viruses lurking in my work computer on Monday.

Given new anti-virus. New anti-virus only cleaned 700 of these nasty buggers.

Trotted over to IT guy. Tried to be sweet and nice so maybe he would be more helpful for a change.

 IT guy: *scratch head* Urm maybe you can delete all these files but then some things may not work but it’s ok you can always re-install them again. Oh and the virus may always come  back.


Why on earth is it called a HELP desk?

This has made me swear eternal allegiance to the doctor’s favourite fruit.


Blurry May 20, 2007

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Last week was not a great week. I felt I could have done better in so many things. I felt that I could have been a better person. But with a good Sunday nappie today, maybe it’ll be better next week.

I was reading an article on ST yesterday about elitism in Singapore. I think there was an interesting point made about “intra-elitism” – how elitism is so much more apparent if you are in an elite school and you are not in the alpha league. Dang, I can relate to that. But then, I’ve also seen such chip-in-the-shoulder cases of class complex in other people not from so-called elite schools or rich families that it makes monsters/poseurs out of them (kind of like Venom, the black spiderman thing). And I wonder whether, for both these types of people, it is possible to just start living your own life rather than constantly feeling there’s victimisation and injustice.

I recall Mr Miles saying over dinner a couple of months ago the students he’s most proud of are those that became porn stars and drag queens. I came in third because I used to get him discounted Swedish meatballs while at the Furnishing Empire.

I have learnt that labels will stick with you no matter how hard you try to peel them off from yourself or other people. But after that, you look beyond that, into the heart of the person. It’s just that people’s hearts are getting harder to see.



Two white hairs… May 16, 2007

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…were spotted on my head last week.

This could mean:

1) I am genetically pre-disposed to having white hair, like my father who had an all-white do by the time he was 35.

2) The reddish highlights might have gotten a little wonky and it’s time for a new colour job.

3) I am stressed.

4) I am old.

5) I am wise.

6) I am turning into a mutant like Rogue.

7) I really shouldn’t care so much.

But it really freaks me out! Why is this body I’m in doing such strange things now?


Latest additions May 13, 2007

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Dearest Cousin Amelia has popped out a very cute and hairy Zachary Ho. Yay!  (Apparently, news of  his hairiness has spread like wildfire amongst the relatives and the latest version is that he has “huge, wavy curls”. Gossip is dangerous.)

We bought our first “art piece” for the “house” at The Affordable Photo Fair yesterday. Nice!

Nothing feels better than having a good eight hours of sleep. Whee!


From the thesaurus May 10, 2007

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Sleepy. Beat. Drained. Droopy. Empty. Haggard. Pooped. Weary. Worn. Petered out (that’s new!).

Yes – me tired.


Good advice May 3, 2007

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3rd May 2007

“People think that foot pain is a fact of life, but life is actually better than that.”

– Me and You and Everyone We Know


Drawing more lines May 2, 2007

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The good news: We found a place! We will be Northerners. We will organise Northern Exposure -themed parties where people have to come in (fake) fur coats and rub noses like Eskimos. I am grateful to Big Guy for leading us to this spot in a rather roundabout and feel-right way.

The not-so-great stuff: It’s ok if you say you don’t care. It’s ok if you don’t want to get involved. But please, I beg of you, don’t drag your ghosts in and stuff them in my face. Please, don’t constantly say things which you know very well leave cracks and puddles.