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For Once in My Life… February 13, 2010

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Destined for Imperfection

– I had a nail artist who was really patient and meticulous about doing my nails and took pride in her work even though she had been doing nails till 1am the day before. I really like her!
– I did not need to pee immediately after the nail session and hence there was no patchy “lobang” that usually occurs during such delicate operations.
– D. was so impressed with the handiwork that he asked whether they were fake nails. He’s seen how I messed up my wedding nails (so much so we had to dispatch his best friend’s feminine wife with manicure set in tow for repair).

BUT then on the NEXT DAY: I HAD to be itchy fingers and decided to put a top coat over my fingernails to preserve such perfect artistry. I should have known better with my dismal record of any kind of painting – so now my nails are uneven and bumpy and bubbly and I have no idea that so much ruin could be unleashed with TRANSPARENT lacquer. Gee wee.

The moral of the story is: a) Don’t meddle with other people’s good work. b) Don’t do manicures more than once a year as it’s obviously a waste of money for people like me.


Scribbly February 10, 2010

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Not really writing, but making a grocery list.

Yesterday I overheard a really interesting conversation. This guy was telling this girl all about the stupid things people do for love, especially meeting random strangers online but apparently this still beats hooking up with a guy at a bar. And he tried to impress by mentioning Alain de Botton even though she had no idea who that was and he talked about how humans really choose whom they want to fall in love with but they try to make things appear to be serendipitous when it’s really just selective memory. I wonder whether he was trying to play the fate card with her by being all cynical about love when he’s very obviously into her and if they really do get together it would make such a “When Harry Met Sally” cutesy magical it’s-meant-to-be hook-up scenario. I guess it sounds cooler when you say that love practically fell on your lap, rather than say you were very deliberately looking for your soul mate. But frankly, I think most humans fall under the latter category.