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Say chiz March 21, 2008

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Group photo

The jaws ache, we are still floppy with fatigue but yes, it is over. Hitched liao, phew.
The best part: much more heartwarming and fun than I thought it would be.
The worst part: Wearing such girly, frilly uncomfortable things which were constantly on the verge of becoming wardrobe malfunctions. NEVER AGAIN.

Will do the proper updating when I’m back in April. Right now am in Melbourne re-discovering love for chocolate. Till then!


Wholesome Hens March 9, 2008

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The Socklings

My home econs teacher would be shocked to know that I actually find sewing quite therapeutic! Some of my colleagues put together a Wholesome Hen’s Night at Audwa’s place earlier this week and it was a much needed break from Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists. A crafts lady came to teach us how to make stuff toys using socks and we all had little friends by the end of the night:

(Top-bottom, L-R) Spongey Bobby, Sweet Harriet, Primrose Prudence, Goth Blackie, Valien Hunchback, Penny and Slowstripes.

They will be the in-house residents of the yellow room in my new home. Love them! (both the toys and these sweet colleagues of mine,that is)

Had another not-so-wholesome Hen’s night yesterday and still a little in shock!

Updates soon.