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Aunty Godpa Report: Nate to Date August 17, 2008

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Nate, Dyson/Tai Sheng/Guy Sng?, Seng) Taken by D.

Male bonding (L-R: Nate, Dyson/Tai Sheng/Guy Sng?, Seng) Taken by D.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about one of my favourite little fellas: Nate

We’ve actually been hanging out every now and then. Yesterday, we were over at his place and he gave us three little penguins as well as Harold the Helicopter as welcome gifts. 

The last time he was over at my place, he was playing Catch a little too enthusiastically, fell down, and cried for a loooooonnnng time. But by the time he had to go home, he still managed to give hugs. 

The other time he was at my place, Bryan hung him upside down and Nate’s mummy was a little worried something might get dislocated. He loved it though. 

Nate has very defined tastes and I must say they are rather high-brow and eclectic. But I think this will enable him to have a solid grammatical foundation and an intellectual sense of humour. He also has his own little neighbourhood posse and has even appeared in the headlines recently. 

D. and I are very proud of Nate and love him very much. 




In a bid for a more open society, nanny state Singapore has decided to return parental controls to parents. To ensure a smooth transition, suitability testing has also been introduced. Couples such as Darren and Melanie Soh are closely scrutinized by government officials in a sterile playlab as they interact with test subject ‘nate’. Suitable couples will be licensed and entitled  to National Advancement Grants (NAG) plus 1 pack of free pampers. (A Parent Photo/Wong Maye-e) 


2 Responses to “Aunty Godpa Report: Nate to Date”

  1. Joan Says:

    He is indeed really adorable.

  2. melch Says:

    And so is your baby doll Clare 🙂

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