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The Optimistic Pessimist June 28, 2009

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Happy for Herman Miller chair to sit on

Happy for Herman Miller chair to sit on

One of the ways I’m trying to cope with ennui is to do something silly, something I usually deem too boh liao to do. 

So originally, I had this zany idea of creating a “cockeyed optimist” photo series of people around me cockeyed. However, test shots proved that I was unable to look cockeyed AND optimistic simultaneously. It was either cockeyed/deranged or optimistic/shifty-eyed. Thus, Plan B came about.

Please join my Happy Hairband movement by: 

1) Wearing the above hairband upon my request. (Will sanitize after each wearer) 

2) Smile as darn happily as you can. 

3) Tell me something you are happy about. 

Thank you!!!


Paper cuts

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I actually hauled back quite a number of books from New York recently, my husband’s shopping habits must be rubbing off me. One of the books that I picked up, and would not usually buy if I was feeling more rational, was This Is For You by Rob Ryan, an intricate, poignant collage of touchy-feely thoughts cut out on paper. 

Strange feelings of warm comfort came over me as I flipped through this book . I think this is what real art is supposed to do, no?

Ryan also has an Etsy shop and a real life shop in London selling his works.


Crabby Perspectives June 21, 2009

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Existentialist crabby crab

Existentialist crabby crab

So as you can tell by my previous ambiguously depressed post, recent circumstances have been challenging.

This ennui has been pervasive – as seen by the recent incident whereby I gave overpriced magnets with inspirational sayings to fellow sufferers. And S., upon receiving hers (“LIFE IS NOT ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF, IT’S ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF”), nodded firmly. “Yes, yes, that is so absolutely right. So correct lor.”

S. is not the most peppy person so I was surprised she was so affirmed by her inspirational magnet.

Me: You like it huh?
S: Yes, yes, that’s what everyone does to themselves all the time.
Me: Got meh?
S: Ain’t that what we doing now? Cheating ourselves?
Me: Cheating?
S: Yah what. The magnet says “It’s about CHEATING yourself.”

Such is the state of the mind that a message of encouraging initiative becomes that of passive-agressive compromise. Either that, or she needs bifocals.

Incidentally, Dash helped summed up my state of mind with her Chilli Crabby Crab (image above), who is nervously twitching at the chilli bomb in its hands.


Spiffy in New York June 8, 2009

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New York New York
Yes, I have become one of those stuff-toy-tourist-cam-whores.


South Pacific (My 1st Broadway Musical) June 7, 2009

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There’s really nothing quite like watching one’s first Broadway musical – and I’m so glad mine was the multiple Tony Award winning revival of South Pacific held at the initimate, cosy Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center. I’m not quite sure if I would have felt just as much magic in one of those slick modern pyrotechnic ones held in mammoth venues like Lion King or Wicked. South Pacific was really just right…in a lovely intimate space where I could smell the cigarette smoke from Lt. Joe Cable lighting up on stage even at the back row and all childhood favourite tunes that I used to sing myself to sleep as a kid.

I remember loving most of the tunes when I watched South Pacific as a wee lass though for some strange reason, I did not like  the operatic, French-accented singing of “Some Enchanted Evening” and would fast forward that scene during my repeated viewings of the musical. This time, however, watching it on stage, with all the emotional nuances that only top-class live performances can convey, my heart just melted. 

During the interval, an elderly woman in front of me at the toilet queue sniffed to her friends, “It’s so lovely – these are the songs I grew up with, the love songs when I had crushes at 16. And it’s like hearing them all over again!” 

My old-fashioned soul couldn’t have said it better. And because I’m just so keen about spreading my musical lurve – here’s my favourite South Pacific song “Wonderful Guy” for y’all or you can see a South Pacific medley at the Tony Awards here

“It went straight to my head, my heart. I had to sing it, right that moment. I sat down on the piano bench next to Dick [Richard Rodgers] and began ‘I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love,’ getting more and more excited, singing full speed ahead, waving my arms around. Finally I got to ‘with a WONDERFUL GUYYYYY’ and finished it – and clunk, fell right off the piano bench onto the floow. Dick Rodgers turned his head, looked down at me rather solemnly, and said, ‘Never sing it any other way’.” – Mary Martin (Nellie in the 1st Broadway cast of 1949)