mental indigestion

As the truck hits August 13, 2008

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 5:23 pm

Once my body registered that it was finally time for a little rest, it slowly unravelled and today, I woke up with a burning head and a headache that made me feel like I had a really thick tongue (no other way to describe it). With some Panadol Extras, I tried to settle some important matters, settled them, and proceeded to crash after lunch.

I wake up now still feeling rather not quite there, but realised that even though I have been feeling underwater the weather, I have made so many more observations about people these past few days:

– a lady cycling around my estate with bright blue gloves, a purple head scarve and bright red lipstick

– a bus driver with a radio-friendly voice and unusually impeccable manners. He greets each entering passenger in three different languages. Some of the (possibly) Bangaldeshi workers in yellow boots looked a little taken aback, but then waved happily after being acknowledged so nicely while the locals mostly ignored him because they haven’t been equipped to deal with such situations before.

– a cab driver, a former Nantah graduate who in a short span of 5 minutes expressed profound regret for his life choices. “I should have learnt English, those who did in my kampong started driving cars. Instead I went to a place where I was brainwashed and instead of telling you to learn, they told you to hold demonstrations.” He also expressed sympathy for my generation because even though we learn English now, it does not mean we will drive cars.

– a lady who got caught in the rain very cleverly took out her thongs so she could move around much faster on the wet, soggy ground barefoot.

– capisicums, just before they get burnt, produce this transparent skin covering


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