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Yasmin Ahmad July 28, 2009

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I remember going for this schmoozy ad conference (for “training”) a couple of years ago. I was really looking forward to the morning tea break after hearing “revolutionary new media” more than enough times than was bearable until this lady came on stage – Yasmin Ahmad. She exuded such sincerity and idealism in the way she talked about her Petronas ads and she also mentioned how she planned to tell more stories through film.

She did just that. And her stories were lovely.

RIP Yasmin Ahmad.

“I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool. Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink.”


My favourite Couplandisms July 26, 2009

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Just because I need to remember the bigger picture of things sometimes. Also, I realise I like Douglas Coupland‘s stuff more because of his bite-sized quotes of insight rather than the stories themselves. Which is why, he’s brilliant on Twitter.

Adventure without risk is Disneyland.
The capacity for not feeling lonely can carry a very real price, that of feeling nothing at all.
When you crop the photo, you tell a lie.
God is what keeps us together after the love is gone.
Telling people they look relaxed makes them look relaxed.
Failure is authentic, and because it’s authentic, it’s real and genuine, and because of that, it’s a pure state of being.
Is there anything in the world more annoyingly creepy than an unspoken dress code?
If you don’t change, then what’s the point of anything happening to you?


Honest Words July 23, 2009

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No prose has quite hit the spot for me as these two journal entries from two Pathlight lower primary school students.

fingerfireTaken from Beautiful Minds Volume 1: A collection of journals written by students from Pathlight school [You can buy this gem of a book here, definitely one of my favourite reads this year]


The Small Things Count July 16, 2009

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State of Emergency July 11, 2009

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Sad Spiffy


I’ve been pretty much feeling like Spiffy with, you know, Poop.

But I was reminded yesterday by the 1st friend I made in Poopland that I have every right to party. Yes, even when daily doses of Poop are hurled at you and you are somehow expected to make the Poop into Gourmet Chocolate.

I’m just trying not to be a Poophead about this, you know? So party, I shall.


Sometimes plain is best

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Ginger peach white tea

Disappointing tea

Today’s White Ginger Peach Tea is brought to you by The Republic of Tea, some atas tea label I picked up at Whole Foods (possibly my most favourite supermarket) in New York.

Verdict: The fragrance of the peach is natural and subtle enough but the taste is overall synthetic because of the processed flavourings and I can barely taste the white tea.

Sigh, their packaging looked so promising.


The 1st round of Happy Hairbanders! July 2, 2009

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This was one of the most ridiculous weeks of my life. The kind of week that really makes you wonder what human beings have evolved to.

But the silly-billy Happy Hairband Movement provided a nice distraction, and kept me giggly enough. Appreciate these pioneer Happy Hairbanders who posed even when emo/shy/photo-averse/thought it lame. You give me hope. Really.

To find out what exactly they are happy about, visit my Flickr set.