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Blurry May 20, 2007

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Last week was not a great week. I felt I could have done better in so many things. I felt that I could have been a better person. But with a good Sunday nappie today, maybe it’ll be better next week.

I was reading an article on ST yesterday about elitism in Singapore. I think there was an interesting point made about “intra-elitism” – how elitism is so much more apparent if you are in an elite school and you are not in the alpha league. Dang, I can relate to that. But then, I’ve also seen such chip-in-the-shoulder cases of class complex in other people not from so-called elite schools or rich families that it makes monsters/poseurs out of them (kind of like Venom, the black spiderman thing). And I wonder whether, for both these types of people, it is possible to just start living your own life rather than constantly feeling there’s victimisation and injustice.

I recall Mr Miles saying over dinner a couple of months ago the students he’s most proud of are those that became porn stars and drag queens. I came in third because I used to get him discounted Swedish meatballs while at the Furnishing Empire.

I have learnt that labels will stick with you no matter how hard you try to peel them off from yourself or other people. But after that, you look beyond that, into the heart of the person. It’s just that people’s hearts are getting harder to see.



3 Responses to “Blurry”

  1. Abigael Says:

    You know ah … I see SO MANY people every other day and I know exactly which schools they are from. You can tell which are the ones with hang-ups (where they feel the need to exemplify their past glories) and those who have moved on is nonchalant about their past but live in the present. I have one thing to say to some of them … “GET REAL LAH, a lot of us CANNOT be bothered with your complex!”

  2. teetoo Says:

    i agree mel, work/success (or the lack of it) is only a means to an end. it’s all about defining what you want out of life (e.g. rewarding home/social life?) being a good person?) and making sure work doesn’t get in the way of it! hehe!

  3. melch Says:

    abi: heh i oso say!
    teetoo: sensible thoughts…very debatery 🙂

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