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Two white hairs… May 16, 2007

Filed under: Mopey mops — mel @ 6:53 pm

…were spotted on my head last week.

This could mean:

1) I am genetically pre-disposed to having white hair, like my father who had an all-white do by the time he was 35.

2) The reddish highlights might have gotten a little wonky and it’s time for a new colour job.

3) I am stressed.

4) I am old.

5) I am wise.

6) I am turning into a mutant like Rogue.

7) I really shouldn’t care so much.

But it really freaks me out! Why is this body I’m in doing such strange things now?


4 Responses to “Two white hairs…”

  1. eunice Says:

    Erm, I’ve had those 5-6 strands since uni days. now they’ve increased to about 10 over. i shld be more worried. *sob*

  2. a l Says:

    i have 3 new ones. phffbbbbt.

  3. adeline Says:

    yeah i sprouted one or two for the first time in my life last year. *@)(!&@(!&!!!

  4. melch Says:

    yargh! it’s an epidemic!

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