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Latest additions May 13, 2007

Filed under: Whee! — mel @ 10:18 am

Dearest Cousin Amelia has popped out a very cute and hairy Zachary Ho. Yay!  (Apparently, news of  his hairiness has spread like wildfire amongst the relatives and the latest version is that he has “huge, wavy curls”. Gossip is dangerous.)

We bought our first “art piece” for the “house” at The Affordable Photo Fair yesterday. Nice!

Nothing feels better than having a good eight hours of sleep. Whee!


3 Responses to “Latest additions”

  1. a l Says:

    hey i bought a print from there too! heheh. =)

  2. melch Says:

    coolie…which one?

  3. a l Says:

    something from ulla gratton. i think that was all i could afford. =) you leh?

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