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K is for Kindness April 15, 2015

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Have been rather swamped and need to play catch-up!

Some context to this photo: Singapore has a Singapore Kindness Movement campaign encouraging people to be more urm kind. The mascot is Singa the Courtesy Lion (whom you see here with my son). “Go fly a kite” is a local phrase that essentially means sod off.


G is for Glimmer April 8, 2015

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G50Am tired so am unable to form some semblance of a poem. I also felt I’d be a little less negative today.


F is for Fence April 7, 2015

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I chose to stay at possibly the most remote neighbourhood in Singapore six years ago because I was already feeling overwhelmed by crowds on most days. When I first moved in, the nights were actually silent. But now the huge empty field near my flat will be a new residential area. Lots of digging and pounding these days.


C is for Cover April 3, 2015

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I’m often stuck in jams wondering what kind of lives the people in front of me lead.


B is for Ban April 2, 2015

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Hint: My poem takes reference from the white sign in this photo.

The most notorious ban in Singapore is on selling chewing gum. I was pretty upset about that as a kid but it hardly bothers me now. The latest ban that took effect this month: public drinking between 10.30pm and 7am. This website is pretty detailed on the many, many other things one can be punished for.


A is for Archives April 1, 2015

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The National Archives of Singapore is responsible for the collection and management of records relating to the nation’s political, social and economic history. It was established in 1968, three years after Singapore became an independent country. I go there for work sometimes, and find more personality in my country in its past than its present.


AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal March 23, 2015

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The theme I’m setting for myself this year is probably the hardest one I’ve set yet. I am planning to write about my country, Singapore. It’s a place I don’t feel much for. This is an anomaly because as a highly sensitive person, I feel for so many things/people/animals/issues easily and can pretty much cry about anything if I just “reflect on stuff” or am having a bad day. But not Singapore. I don’t think I’ve actually felt a swell of national pride in my life. Why is this so? This is what I hope to explore during this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


Here are the parameters I’ve set for myself:

– Each entry will be 50 words. Firstly, because of time constraints. Secondly, because it ties in nicely with the fact that Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence with a massive propaganda patriotic campaign called SG50.

– I’ll try to include a photo of Singapore with each entry (usually related to what I’m writing about), just so that readers popping by from other parts of the world will get a better sense of what this place is about.

– I anticipate that what I’ll be writing is poetic prose or proseish poetry, and possibly rather confessional and biographical. So, yeah, angsty stuff.

– I’ll be posting this on Instagram as well with the hashtag #sg50words. You can find me there @melanderings.