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Wholesome Hens March 9, 2008

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The Socklings

My home econs teacher would be shocked to know that I actually find sewing quite therapeutic! Some of my colleagues put together a Wholesome Hen’s Night at Audwa’s place earlier this week and it was a much needed break from Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists. A crafts lady came to teach us how to make stuff toys using socks and we all had little friends by the end of the night:

(Top-bottom, L-R) Spongey Bobby, Sweet Harriet, Primrose Prudence, Goth Blackie, Valien Hunchback, Penny and Slowstripes.

They will be the in-house residents of the yellow room in my new home. Love them! (both the toys and these sweet colleagues of mine,that is)

Had another not-so-wholesome Hen’s night yesterday and still a little in shock!

Updates soon.


3 Responses to “Wholesome Hens”

  1. Sher Says:

    so cute! 🙂 I wanna see your yellow room!
    And is that Lorraine with slow stripes?

  2. melch Says:

    lorraine is with spongey bobby (top left). and yeah you guys can come visit yellow room later this year 😛

  3. Sher Says:

    oh yes I meant spongey bobby 🙂 messed up the names!

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