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Congratulations Lauren! September 10, 2008

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You're a winner!

You're a winner!

Yay, my childhood friend Lauren has clinched a update: two bronzes in the Paralympics!

She is such an amazing person and you know, I can’t help but get peeved that there wasn’t much media coverage given on her before she clinched the medal (she was winning so many other medals for Singapore before this one!) . I tried by contributing an article on her in Vanilla Magazine (if you’d like to read it, just drop me a note and I’ll be happy to send you the scanned article), but it really didn’t help with the whole funding issue because there are “limited funds” for atheletes with disabilities (grrrrrrrr….).

And this is why I really couldn’t get all excited and nationalistic when there was the whole big hoo-ha with the Olympic Silver. Especially knowing there are such double standards in the way sports funding and recognition takes place here.

But hey, this is not a grousing session, but a celebratory post for a beautiful friend both inside and out with a spirit of steel. For her next event, she is performing to music (depsite being profoundly deaf). Please say a prayer and root for her! (Update: She came in third!)


Vanilla’s Valentines Story January 31, 2008

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(Taken from Vanilla Magazine, Feb 2008, p.31)

Last December, I agreed to take on this “Love of a Lifetime” story assignment for the Valentine’s issue of Vanilla magazine. Even though it was smack during the Christmas period and I was really hoping to enjoy the precious work leave I had, I decided to take it on because well, I felt I could do with good marriage advice. Logistical nightmare aside, I had a great time listening to the stories  of these four couples (married between 6-50 years).  Also, this really beats 1960s Stepford Housewives type marriage prep classes hands down. Some snippets:

“I think the concept of ‘me’ should just disappear if one is planning to settle down.” – Tan Kong Wee

“Love is a decision, not a feeling.” – Raoul Sequeira

“It brings me joy when I see my husband just being himself, all happy and childlike.” – Sharon Han

“She has created so many beautiful memories for me.” – Han Kian Kwang

Do check out the story!