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Musical Discoveries September 25, 2008

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For quite a while, music has been relegated to well, just a  background noise for me.

I got bored listening to the CDs I had so I stopped. I would mildly bob to whatever I might recognise on the radio, and mildly tolerate D’s retro/college rock band car mix.

Then I borrowed this movie from my school library. Admittedly, I had attempted to watch this on the plane earlier this year with a tiny Quantas screen and ear phones that only worked on the right side. I gave up because the characters looked too small and the first few lines in a thick Irish accent were incomprehensible to me. But I liked what I heard from the “Falling Slowly” youtube video and decided to give it a second chance (with subtitles this time). I was glad for suddenly, I remembered the magic of music. (And note, I am not exactly an Indie music person, but the passion and heart in the music for this film  was just mesmerising.)

My very generous blogger (and now real-life) friend AL had introduced me to The Frames (amongst many other good bands) a few years ago through her “AL’s Musings” CD and I particularly liked Glen Hansard‘s live performance of “Heyday” where he yells out “Good night Melbourne!” with some kind of rock and roll drawl. Well, it’s about time I discover more of their music!

I also just picked up a Shanghai Jazz CD from That CD Shop (one of their fascinating in-house High Society compilations) and am listening to it every night accompanied by a cuppa tea. I love it. As some of you may know, I have always liked lao lao old big band jazz but have already listened to whatever there is already. The contemporary cover versions by sweet young things sound vapid to me. But this album, where jazzy ditties are sung in this Chinese triad 1920s speakeasy way is absolutely fascinating. I am so glad to have stumbled upon a soulful reinterpretation of my favourite genre of music.

And it’s amazing how all this music just lifts your spirits. I’d almost forgotten about that.