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T is for There Will Never Be Another You April 23, 2016

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There will be many other nights like this
And I’ll be standing here with someone new
There will be other songs to sing
Another fall, another spring
But there will never be another you

There will be other lips that I may kiss
But they won’t thrill me like yours used to do
Yes, I may dream a million dreams
But how can they come true
If there will never ever be another you?

Yes, I may dream a million dreams
But how can they come true
If there will never ever be another you?


The other day, she thought that she saw him standing in the bus, right in front of her. But it was not him, although it was a him who looked a lot like him. As such, she made it a point to strike up a conversation.

“Hi, sorry, but do I know you? You look awfully familiar…” she asked even though she knew she did not know him.

The guy pointed at himself. “Me?” His voice was higher, raspier, but still quite charming nevertheless.

She nodded and smiled. He always said that was her best feature.

He smiled back. His teeth were straighter.

“I don’t think so but I’m quite forgetful. My name’s Eddie, ring any bell?”

Eddie. E comes after D. D is for David. Is this a sign? she thought to herself.

“Sorry Eddie, it’s just you really look like someone I knew from a long time ago.”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve got one of those faces, I guess.”

There was an awkward silence. She thought about how he would have never said anything anywhere near putting himself down. In the first place, he would have never been on a bus.

“Do I look like anyone you know?” she asked Eddie as a way to fill the space of an unnecessary conversation.

He took a long look at her. “No, I don’t think so, Madam, but are you okay?”

She started tearing up the minute he asked her that question.

Just at that moment the bus jam-braked to avoid a jaywalker and everyone was thrown forward and she ended up in his arms.

He smelled nothing like him either. She started crying as she pulled herself away from him.

“I’m so sorry, Eddie,” she said as she tried to use one hand to dig around her handbag for tissue.

He passed her a packet of tissue and headed for the exit door. “No worries, Miss. I get down at the next stop, but I hope you feel better after this.”

Alone again in the bus, she suddenly remembered that she had seen Eddie before in David’s old family photo taken when they were all teens. Eddie was David’s younger brother was estranged from the family because of his gambling habit. If only she could tell David about this random encounter of his brother, and how kind and gentle he is.

She missed him. She missed him so much.

She felt someone leave, then someone else sit next to her. An old man who looked like what David would look like if he had been able to live 30 more years.

“Hello uncle, do I know you?” she asked, even though she knew she did not know him.


3 Responses to “T is for There Will Never Be Another You”

  1. Liz Brownlee Says:

    Oooh, I like this story – the mystery of whether she is going through life forever just asking person after person if she knows them and does she know them or perhaps she just imagines them a relationship to HIM. ~Liz

  2. mel Says:

    @liz: thanks for reading this story! My sense is that we humans like to repeat ourselves quite a bit ;P

  3. Sharlene Says:

    Oh intriguing story!

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