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S is for ‘S Wonderful April 22, 2016

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‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous!
You should care for me!
‘S awful nice! ‘S paradise!
‘S what I love to see!

You’ve made my life so glamorous
You can’t blame me for feeling amorous.
Oh! ‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous!
That you should care for me!

‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous!
That you should care for me!
‘S awful nice! ‘S paradise!
‘S what I love to see!

My dear, it’s four-leaf clover time
From now on my heart’s working overtime.
Oh! ‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous!
That you should care for me!

How I want my hair? I don’t know. What you think? Just a trim? No? Something different. No lah, I where got adventurous, I’m just damn tired can. I have so many white hairs now wah lao. What? Colour pink? You sure or not? Ok lah, up to you. Just not too short ok? Yah, like this can. You sure pink ah. Will it dry my hair up? No? Made in Germany? Ok. Wah, thanks for free serum.

Eh, you look younger now leh, like Korean actor like that, can share secret with me can? Wah, pomelo juice, really ah? Maybe I also try. Yes need lah, old liao already. No lah I where got in my 20s only hee hee you ah. Thank you thank you, I haven’t gone facial long time still can pass off as 20-something not bad already lah.

No lah I where got natural beauty? Everyday just wear shorts, T-shirt and spectacles what. What to do? Housewife mah. Become housewife sure turn into unglam auntie one. I tell you, no point blowdry poof poof my hair until Indonesian socialite for what? Come home to chasing three kids around, hair sure go frizzy and sticky lor.

Wah the hair colour is really very pink hor? Hope my hubby don’t freak out. He already so grumpy when I tell him I need to cut hair because the weather so hot.  I told him if I don’t cut my hair then I don’t do housework lor…what to do, that is the only way to keep that bugger off my back.

How’s  Nancy? How I know. Don’t know and don’t care hrmpf! Nancy and I no longer friend each other liao.

You know why? I really cannot take her showing off all the time lah. You remember when we came together the last time? You remember right, I know you do, don’t just stand there and smile silently lah.  That Nancy ah, she had to keep flicking her hair around to show how much shiner her hair is next to my broomstick hair lor…really cannot take it. This kind of thing also must compete, as if always comparing our husband’s pay and kids’ exam results are not enough. She got a lot of time to spare lor! Yah lah, yah lah, I know, we used to be good friends. Yah lah yah lah, I know, her mother has been sick and her older son has been diagnosed as autistic. Ok lah, I message her later. But only for you hor.

Done? What? Another hour? Talk to me leh.


(I’m writing this in Singlish, my de facto form of communication. It has been a sapping week and this is about all I can manage for now.)


2 Responses to “S is for ‘S Wonderful”

  1. cynthiamvoss Says:

    I liked reading the Singlish and imagining what it sounds like 🙂 Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  2. mel Says:

    @cynthia: thanks for taking the time to make sense of the garble which I don’t 100% understand either 😉

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