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F is For All We Know April 7, 2016

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For all we know, we may never meet again
Before you go, make this moment sweet again
We won’t say “Good night” until the last minute
I’ll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it

For all we know, this may only be a dream
We come and go like a ripple on a stream
So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come for all we know

So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come for all we know


He knew this was the last time they would meet alone. Just the two of them. He was here for a work trip. She was here for grad school. They were at a jazz bar, one just like the one they used to go to back home.

She looked like how she looked when they were back in college – carefree, rested, smiley. She was talking rapidly, trying to catch up with her thoughts, and he barely registered anything she said. He was just happy to see her happy again, finally.

“So,” she said with a twinkle in her eye as she sipped on her 3rd lychee martini. “You’re getting married in two weeks’ time! How do you feel? Actually wait, before all that, tell me. Tell me about her. How did you guys meet?”

“Mutual friends,” he mumbled.

“And?! And?!” The cocktails were giving her a high. Even then, he knew she would be able to tell he was bullshitting if he gave her the wedding slideshow version of the story.

“And she really liked me. And so we hung out. And she really wanted to get married. And I guess it was going to happen soon.”

She placed her glass down and looked at him closely. She got it.

“That’s great. I’m so happy for you.”

She grew silent as she turned her attention to the jazz singer, a lady who resembled Nina Simone, croon sad love songs with a quartet. Couples were out on the floor slow-dancing.

He stretched his hand out to her.

“Let’s dance?”

Perhaps it was the alcohol or that his outstretched hand was trembling, but instead of her usual “gawd nos”, she smiled and placed her hand in his. She felt warm. Her arms draped casually over his shoulders with an easy familiarity. He barely registered that his arms were finally around her waist.

“I need to tell you something.”

“Hrmmm?” She was still engrossed with the singing. She always was.

“I have something to tell you.”

“Uh huh.”

“Hey?” He didn’t quite believe he was going to do this.

She tapped her fingers lightly on his shoulder and looked at him, concerned. “Hey back. I’m all ears.”

And then he took a deep breath and told her everything he’d always wanted to tell her. The embarrassing, mushy, painful stuff he could never bring himself to utter out loud before because she was always heartbroken over someone else.

But here, in this bar, away from all the baggage they’d grown up with, the truth came out. And he felt a weight being lifted off him. He was not expecting anything anymore.

“I…I just wanted you to know. Because, you know, it was such a long time ago.”

She nodded, as if she had always known. And then she hugged him tightly as they continued to sway to the music.

“Thank you. You’re a good friend. And you are going to be an amazing husband.”

The song ended and there was applause. The singer announced there was going to be just one last song before the bar closed.

“Psst, last chance to dance with a pretty girl who is not your wife. Go go go,” she said as she shoved him towards a group of ladies in little black dresses. She ended up doing an awkward semi-waltz with a lanky guy who kept stepping on her toes, and they kept laughing. He loved the sound of her laugh, which was more like a hearty guffaw. He wondered whether he would ever hear it again.


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