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B is for But Beautiful April 1, 2016

Love is funny, or it’s sad
Or it’s quiet, or it’s mad
It’s a good thing or it’s bad
But beautiful

Beautiful to take a chance
And if you fall you fall
And I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind at all

Love is tearful, or it’s gay
It’s a problem or it’s play
It’s a heartache either way
But beautiful

And I’m thinking if you were mine
I’d never let you go
And that would be but beautiful I know


She was everything but beautiful. But that didn’t matter because beauty was easily acquired through make-up, hairdressers, expensive clothes and cosmetic procedures. With all these slapped on her, she could even pass off as pretty-ish on good days.

This is why she thought it was an incredible waste, after years of working so hard to look aesthetically pleasing, to throw it all away by falling in love with someone who was ugly. She secretly wondered why she could accept someone else’s ugliness but not her own.

He was everything but beautiful. But he didn’t mind  because beauty was everywhere around him – trees, mountains, beaches, clouds, sunsets. There were more than enough pretty things to go around in this world, and he felt he had been placed in this world to appreciate and take delight in all of them.

Especially her. He thought she was the most breathtaking woman he had ever met, but she seemed to hate herself so much. She would cover her whole face when he made her laugh, as if her joy had to be hidden and muffled. He found that sad yet endearing, and made it a point to compliment every little thing he found attractive about her. He was intent on building her up so her beauty would radiate to its fullest potential.

However, what happened over time was this: she became more comfortable in her own skin. She eventually stopped smothering her face with both hands and would laugh heartily, with abandon. She stopped wearing make-up on weekends to let her skin breathe, and eventually got a refund for those those packages for gold facials and botox injections.

All these made him realise that she was actually not as beautiful as he had initially thought. He soon lost interest in her for there were far more beautiful women around who would also find beauty in the copious amount of money he had.

You are everything but beautiful, he told her and offered her a considerable amount of money to leave him alone. She threw the money in his face for she had loved him even though he was not beautiful.

She worked hard to acquire beauty again and made it a point to never show any man what she really looked like again. She eventually married someone who was even richer and better-looking than the ugly, rich man she had loved, but she did not really love her husband so she always felt lonely and died alone. The ugly man married four times, and now lives in a nursing home. It’s all quite sad because it could have been a beautiful love story.


6 Responses to “B is for But Beautiful”

  1. Ah, the traps of looks and money. 😦 Nice, but sad, story. I love Lady GaGa and think she is incredibly talented. The song is beautiful.

  2. Very Nice Post…

    Welcome in the letter “A&B”… thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2016]

    Stop over and find a free “SIX STRINGS: BLOGGING AtoZ CHALLENGE” Here:

    You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?

  3. mel Says:

    @jeremy: thanks for dropping by! hosting duties must be intense. will visit your blog too

  4. mel Says:

    @randombitsoftrialanderror: Thanks, I really love this song too. There’s also a book of the same title about the lives of jazz musicians – a great read!

  5. mel Says:

    @anna: I’m not sure why but the first time I heard this song (at a Tony Bennett concert no less), I just started bawling! So I guess that sadness seemed through 😛

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