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L is for Lift April 16, 2015

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I wrote this in sort-of Singlish because I’m having a lot more difficulty writing this time round for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. So decided to throw grammatical rules into the air.

A bit of translation:

n’eh mind – never mind

aiyoh – goodness me

chope – reserve/secure

dowan – don’t want


4 Responses to “L is for Lift”

  1. mel Says:

    @anna heh you would get it 😉

  2. Interesting little piece and thanks for the translation at the end. I love how people in London and really all over Europe talk. I find some of the words and phrases so fascinating . Like lift instead of elevator . My daughter has fallen head over heals in love with an exchange student who was in the states for a year. We loved listening to him talk. He caught me smoking a cigarette once and I leaned that where he is from a smoke is called a fag. And I like the idea of going on holiday instead of vacation . I could go on and on.
    I just stopped by from the challenge to say hello and I enjoyed your post.

    Melissa Sugar

  3. mel Says:

    @melissa: thanks so much for dropping a note! Yes language is a fascinating thing isn’t it? Will visit your blog soon too. Hope the challenge has been going well for you 🙂

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