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K is for Kindness April 15, 2015

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Have been rather swamped and need to play catch-up!

Some context to this photo: Singapore has a Singapore Kindness Movement campaign encouraging people to be more urm kind. The mascot is Singa the Courtesy Lion (whom you see here with my son). “Go fly a kite” is a local phrase that essentially means sod off.


3 Responses to “K is for Kindness”

  1. joannesisco Says:

    Your son is a cutie 🙂

    … so the inevitable question is – Is the campaign working?

  2. mel Says:

    @joannesisco haha I actually don’t think so if one goes by the kind of spew spouted online ;p

  3. joannesisco Says:

    That’s the part that’s really sad!

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