mental indigestion

HAIKU O – OWL April 17, 2014

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7 Responses to “HAIKU O – OWL”

  1. Rebecca Douglass Says:

    ROFL! I love it!
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  2. joannesisco Says:


  3. mel Says:

    @rebecca: hee thanks! i got a good night’s sleep after that 😉

  4. mel Says:

    @joanne: 😉

  5. I loved your Hiaku, I find many are too one dimensional but yours was so complete.
    #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace
    ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ

    ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

  6. mel Says:

    @maria: thank you for dropping by and reading my poems! Will hop over to visit your blog in a bit!

  7. Me too! Never thought when I was younger that I’d become such a morning person.

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