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HAIKU L – LUXURY April 14, 2014

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11 Responses to “HAIKU L – LUXURY”

  1. Rebecca Douglass Says:

    Oh man! ain’t that the truth!

  2. mel Says:

    @rebecca: heh 🙂 hope you have a restful week!

  3. I’d say 8 hours of no interruptions… but either way, both are true luxuries 😀

  4. mel Says:

    @ida: 🙂

  5. mel Says:

    @vicci: thanks! Your blog looks interesting!

  6. joannesisco Says:

    in today’s hurry-hurry world, isn’t that the truth?!

  7. mel Says:

    @joanne: do you think there’s any part of the world that isn’t hurry-hurry? i would love to go there right now.

  8. joannesisco Says:

    me too. Let me know if you find it before I do 🙂

  9. I would kill for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I truly cannot remember the last time I I did. Chronic insomnia sucks!

  10. mel Says:

    @understandingflutterby: I sleep without much issue…I usually just CRASH these days heh. But in my case, it’s because there are too many things to do so I have to stay up…thinking hard about how to get out this busy trap. I wish for good rest for you this weekend!

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