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Holey Shorts May 25, 2011

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I used to come back home from school with holey shorts. My mother said it was “shame, shame” I had to go through at least 15 shorts per semester and that I perpetually seemed to be showing off bits of panties. The reason for tattered PE shorts: everyday, while waiting for assigned carpool parent to pick us up, my friends and I would take great delight in sliding down this seemingly adventurous cement slope (see above) over and over and over again. It’s funny how the slope seems so tiny now. I’m amazed at how something so insipid as slanted cement to improve drainage could provide endless hours of fun and fond childhood memories. I long for that child-like resourcefulness to experience wonder in any kind of surroundings.


5 Responses to “Holey Shorts”

  1. Joan Says:

    Sadly I think kids in Singapore these days will no longer experience such kind of play, what with all of them holding iPhones and iPads all day.

    Love the dress by the way! 🙂

  2. Mel Says:

    @joan: haha so tech doomsday! but given i can’t even carry out a face-to-face conversation without checking my iphone every few minutes, it’s probably true. Thanks, I was trying not to get a hole in that dress!

  3. Adorra 하늘 Says:

    Those were fun days. I share the same “problem” as you. But it was worth it!

  4. Char Says:

    heehee youve totally reminded me of the time Eps and i went swimming with another friend.. let’s call her Polly. We slid down a slope in the pool over and over and over.. and youve guessed it. Polly got a huge hole in her swimsuit right over her b*tt. and everyone kept staring at us but we didnt know why. i even gave everyone my best fierce glares to teach them a lesson… and only found out what was up when Polly started swimming in front of me. i nearly drowned from laughing.

  5. melch Says:

    @adorra: iphone or revealing panties?
    @char: heh you have so many funny stories (still remember the malaysia temple anecdote) – should collect them for posterity!

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