mental indigestion

How strange February 20, 2011

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 9:58 am

Perhaps it’s because I have more time in my hands, but I do think that I’ve been incredibly (for lack of better word) fortunate these past few weeks.

– When I thought that ends wouldn’t be met, opportunities open up, even within the very things that are causing me to not make ends meet (yes, yes very cryptic).

-When I do silly, random things just for the fun of it, I get unexpected props.

-New music from new blog friend – awesome!

-When I was seeking spiritual direction but kept falling asleep during real-life church services, a friend recommended me to listen to her church’s online sermons and I’ve gained so many insights from them.

– Kind, wise advice from strangers/acquaintances whom I never thought my paths would ever cross so closely with.

And while life still has its poopie stuff  and I still very much am able to bawl on demand, overall my gut feel is that Life Can Be Good.

(I’m wondering if I’ve missed out on recognising lucky breaks in the past because I was too cranky or demanding to see them for what they were.)


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