mental indigestion

Hitting Hard January 26, 2011

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 12:25 pm

Typical of faulty human behaviour, there are just some things I keep making the same mistakes in e.g. turning left when I’m meant to go right, saying ‘sorry’ unnecessarily and sending out e-mails when I’m in the foulest of moods.

However, when it is a triple whammy of all of the above, something really shakes up inside, and I have to resolutely walk away from it all.

I should have gone the other way just as how my instincts and well-meaning friends were telling me to do.

I should not apologise for things I do not have any control over nor should I let other people put the blame on me for them.

I should give it two hours before sending out any kind of confrontational correspondence.

But what is done is done. And picking up the pieces bit by bit, I am in a position which I’ve never found myself in before. There is only one choice left. No need for me to hee and haw and mull over all the other possibilities.

Well at least for now. Another lesson drummed in: There will always be curveballs.


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