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Getting Clearance August 14, 2010

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Due to some health issues encountered a few years ago, I always find doctor check-ups terrifying. I usually commence dreading the appointment a week before, and my mind skims the infinite permutations of what-ifs and how I should proceed with each possible route. I start making bargains with God  too e.g. “Could you let me go to South America first?”

After the much dreaded appointment has passed and nothing’s wrong, I always feel like I’m given this 6-month pass to live life better and for the week thereafter I usually attempt all these little self-improvement projects. I just cleared my dresser, for a start, and cleared out all my expired make-up stuff. And if you check a recent tweet- you can see I have declared Mondays to be Meatless.

However, I kind of know that in a few weeks’ time, I’ll probably start forgetting about all this gratitude and resoluteness and go back to my unaware, in-a-rush ways of living. So this is just a reminder to the future me in September to stop slacking.


4 Responses to “Getting Clearance”

  1. dimsumdolly Says:

    Why not cut out more meat? Be a weekday vegetarian like Graham Hill.

    Also, I’d recommend reading ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. After reading it, I’ve been making an effort to go vegetarian for at least two (sometimes all three) meals a day.

  2. melch Says:

    Heh step by step? Am already trying to limit red meat intake to weekends but just thought Monday could be the day I also take a rest from fish and seafood as well (since I got an allergy attack after eating prawns last week). Yeah I heard that Eating Animals is a good book, gonna check it out thanks!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi, I came over from Joan’s blog, and spotted this post. Just to let you know that there is a movement in Singapore that is promoting Veggie Thursday. Just helping them to spread the word.

  4. melch Says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the heads-up! Will definitely see how I can get involved in this movement.

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