mental indigestion

Forgetfulness August 6, 2010

Filed under: In a blur,Life in general — mel @ 9:54 pm

I’ve started to use the term “slipped my mind” more liberally of late. There are always things “at the back of my head” that I meant to do, but forget to do in the end.

It’s quite irritating as I really don’t like flakiness in other people but even more so in myself. Perhaps it’s a symptom of ageing or bad time management, but now I really do know that it’s not personal, just a pure inability to recall.

There are more things I’m also tucking into the pocket of forgetfulness subconsciously, and when I am somehow reminded about something I’d totally forgotten had happened, it leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth – whether it’s a good memory or a bad one. For the former, I feel I’ve been ungrateful and unappreciative of past blessings, for the latter, I wonder if I still have hang-ups. A reminder is just as double-edged as amnesia.

Let me not forget that.


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