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Update on Kimmy Goh (nee Lee) August 1, 2010

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Afternoon Nap

From Kimmy’s present owner:

Kimmy’s fur is growing long again . She had her last haircut in late May. The groomer took off everything as he claimed her fur was all matted (which was true to some extent because she hates having her fur combed). Groomer literally shaved off all her fur and left her face and tail intact! My heart sank when I saw her because she looked so awful! All botak and with very skinny legs. And Kimmy hated that haircut too because she sulked for 2 whole weeks, not a smile on her face! Really, no joking..she wasn’t her usual self , very sullen and angry with us, I think.

Well now, her fur has grown back beautifully. All white and shiny again and I will never allow the groomer to ever shave her botak again!

She’s now lying by my side while I’m at the computer. She follows me everywhere I go, like my shadow! Very manja still…but when the father comes back in the evening, she goes to him and totally ignores me, very smart.

She’s still enjoying the air-conditioned comfort in our room every night. We cover her with her own blanket which she will kick away when she feels warm. She wakes up same time as us every morning, at 6am and goes to bed every night at 10pm!! In the daytime, she gets her 40 winks or more. If I’m out for couple of hours, all she does is sleep and sleep!

Now that she’s getting on with age (she turned 12 in June), we usually carry her up and down the stairs with us. For exercise, she runs in the garden and plays catching with me. She’ll run to the other end of the garden and look back to see if i’m chasing her. And when she sees me, she will turn back to the front garden and run all the way to the back again,with her long fur flying in the wind (like a nun with her white habit)..and she will just be grinning and grinning!! 🙂

Needless to say, she’s given us much joy and happiness that we just can’t imagine how we managed without her… the kids are always not at home, so this ‘monkey’ has become our 3rd child! My hubby loves playing with her on the floor while watching TV and Kimmy will roll over for her belly rub. And she will always snuggle next to him on our leather couch!

We can’t thank you enough for giving us Kimmy. I know we have thanked you a hundred times before but it doesn’t seem enough.

I miss you so much Kimmers but you are definitely in the wonderful hands of people who love you very much and have done so much to give you a comfortable life. Enjoy your cod fish and chicken drumsticks!


2 Responses to “Update on Kimmy Goh (nee Lee)”

  1. Char Says:

    awww. i didnt know you guys gave her away – shes a sweetie…

  2. melch Says:

    she is. miss her so much! but she’s in a much better place with this couple who showers her with all this love and attention.

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