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Creative Chocolate April 13, 2010

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I really dig the fact that originality is much more obvious in Singapore now and there are so many made-at-home products and shops and art that are popping up and just bursting with personality.

One that I’ve come to like quite a bit is Chocolate Research Facility, not just because it’s chocolate, which of course is always good, but the range of flavours, packaging and retail space is always exciting and unexpected. Their latest offering is the Spring/Summer 2010 Cities Series – 10 new chocolate flavours inspired by capital cities:

Tokyo – Sakura in White Chocolate
Sydney – Nougat in Dark Chocolate
Mumbai – Cumin Seeds in Dark Chocolate
Singapore – Durian in Milk Chocolate
New York – Pretzel in Milk Chocolate
Moscow – Vodka in Milk Chocolate
London – Toffee in Milk Chocolate
Bangkok – Tom Yam in Milk Chocolate
Shanghai – Osmanthus in Milk Chocolate
Istanbul – Turkish Dates in Milk Chocolate

Fascinating, huh? Right now, I’m nibbling on the Tokyo bar (floral and subtle), and craving to go to Japan 😛


2 Responses to “Creative Chocolate”

  1. enette Says:

    ooh! i went to this bar in boston the other day and you could order any city you wanted and they’d put the essence of the city in it!

  2. melch Says:

    hee i like those personalised type of cocktails that bartenders whip up on the spot based on the “vibe” they get from you.

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