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Caption This Picture April 8, 2010

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Men with Tea

Ringo: “Eh, that the comics page?”
George: “Stop copying the way I sit, Paul.”
Paul:”Why are there 6 cups of tea when there are only 4 of us?”
John: “Woooooh…I see pretty rainbows.”


2 Responses to “Caption This Picture”

  1. adorra Says:

    I just broke into pockets of giggles when I saw the caption cos’ I was sippin’ my hot tea. HEHEHE. Btw, I tried tea from Gryphon today – Earl Grey. It didn’t have this usual strong Earl Grey smell, kinda like it. 😀

  2. melch Says:

    you know i didn’t realise how many pictures there are out there of the beatles drinking tea!

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