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Imbalance March 25, 2010

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It’s amazing how asymmetry is so prevalent in our lives – almost like a universal law. I write better with my right hand. I stretch better with my left leg. My right eyebrow has a bald patch while my left eyebrow is too bushy. I park better on parking lots on the left. I only start cycling with my right foot.

And yet, what amazes me more is that despite such empirical evidence, human beings still get so absolutely unnerved when an unequal equation occurs e.g. Effort ≠ Output, Affection ≠ Reciprocity, Fervent prayers ≠ Blessings, Diligence ≠ Income, Exercise/Diet ≠ Weight Loss.

For this reason, I have a hypothesis that the earth is metaphysically not round – but rather an  irregularly-shaped lump with these strange mammals trying to balance things all day long in absolute futility. And what happens? More unnecessary collapsing occurs.

p/s: I’ve been watching lots of Big Bang Theory and some Sheldon must have rubbed off me. I’m also trying to disguise some personal angst using semi-scientific jargon.


3 Responses to “Imbalance”

  1. char Says:

    hey ive been watching BBT too! Tim reminds me of Sheldon sometimes.. but not the science-y knowledge part. haha

  2. melch Says:

    hee hee sheldon is a sweetheart

  3. woollendrums Says:

    hey my eyebrows as imbalanced as yours! 😛

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