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Tai O Tea March 3, 2010

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Dai O Tea

The One in the Middle

I was in Hong Kong recently and had the chance to see the more scenic side of this city thanks to dimsumdolly. I especially liked Tai O Village – it reminds me a little of what Ubin could have been like if it had been allowed to naturally thrive into the 21st century,  except it’s surrounded by some pretty awesome mountains.

We hiked there from Tung Chung on a pretty hot day so this chilled red infusion tea seemingly only found in Tai O was such a lovely refresher. I’m not sure exactly what flower it’s made of, but it tastes like a mix of hibiscus and arbutus – yummy!

I wasn’t able to bring some back as this tea was sold in wet, red mounds which didn’t look very airport-friendly:

How Dai O Tea is sold

Suspicious glance


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