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For Once in My Life… February 13, 2010

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Destined for Imperfection

– I had a nail artist who was really patient and meticulous about doing my nails and took pride in her work even though she had been doing nails till 1am the day before. I really like her!
– I did not need to pee immediately after the nail session and hence there was no patchy “lobang” that usually occurs during such delicate operations.
– D. was so impressed with the handiwork that he asked whether they were fake nails. He’s seen how I messed up my wedding nails (so much so we had to dispatch his best friend’s feminine wife with manicure set in tow for repair).

BUT then on the NEXT DAY: I HAD to be itchy fingers and decided to put a top coat over my fingernails to preserve such perfect artistry. I should have known better with my dismal record of any kind of painting – so now my nails are uneven and bumpy and bubbly and I have no idea that so much ruin could be unleashed with TRANSPARENT lacquer. Gee wee.

The moral of the story is: a) Don’t meddle with other people’s good work. b) Don’t do manicures more than once a year as it’s obviously a waste of money for people like me.


3 Responses to “For Once in My Life…”

  1. 5kidswdisabilities Says:

    But they look so pretty…
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Jean Says:

    Manicures don’t last with me either!

  3. melch Says:

    @Lindsey: oh that is just a stock picture 😛 my nails could never quite look like that.

    @Jean: I think that the ability to have nice nails is a genetic thing.

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