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Scribbly February 10, 2010

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 4:56 pm

Not really writing, but making a grocery list.

Yesterday I overheard a really interesting conversation. This guy was telling this girl all about the stupid things people do for love, especially meeting random strangers online but apparently this still beats hooking up with a guy at a bar. And he tried to impress by mentioning Alain de Botton even though she had no idea who that was and he talked about how humans really choose whom they want to fall in love with but they try to make things appear to be serendipitous when it’s really just selective memory. I wonder whether he was trying to play the fate card with her by being all cynical about love when he’s very obviously into her and if they really do get together it would make such a “When Harry Met Sally” cutesy magical it’s-meant-to-be hook-up scenario. I guess it sounds cooler when you say that love practically fell on your lap, rather than say you were very deliberately looking for your soul mate. But frankly, I think most humans fall under the latter category.


4 Responses to “Scribbly”

  1. adorra Says:

    grocery list with a fork at the side!

  2. pokkers Says:

    maybe it depends on how old you are…like the older you get the more you’ll try to find a mate? i feel kind of bad for the dude tho – what if Alain de Botton was his absolute fav author? she dont sound much like his soulmate.

  3. ST Says:

    i love this entry!

  4. melch Says:

    @adorra: didn’t see the connection at first!

    @pokkers: prob not but i give props for the guy for trying to engage and not talking about just superficial things/

    @ST: thanks! miss you!

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