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T-Notes December 15, 2009

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To my delight, I discovered a  trove of big, glossy, gorgeous tea-related books at the public library. I’m reading Tea: Aromas and Flavours around the World right now and  they have information about the particular tea ceremony I’m learning about (the rote memory student in me rejoices!). For reference:

Fukusa: A small square of silk used for symbolic purification.Lots of folding and clockwise wiping.

Chasen: Small bamboo whisk that gives the macha a frothy texture.

Chawan: Tea bowl. Gorgeous things.

Chashaku: Bamboo scoop that I must handle as a very heavy object even though it is very light because it is “precious”.

Natsume: Red box containing the macha powder.

Higashi: Dry and sugary cake, of which I scattered all over the tatami mat the last lesson.

Did You Know?

– Every samurai soldier appointed a tea master to perform a purification tea ceremony for strength before a battle. (Tea ain’t for sissies yah?)

– The four principles underlying Chado: Harmony, Respect, Purity and Serenity (the synthesis of the previous three qualities).

– The design of early tea pavilions laid the foundation for contemporary Japanese architecture, which previously only took its cue from China.


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