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The Way of Tea (2) December 11, 2009

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Many, many steps

Learning points from today:
a) You have to make tea with your heart (take a deep breath before starting).
b) I feel so manly and klutzy compared to Japanese women.
c) You don’t show people the waste.
d) I think I learn best with nurturing educators. Today’s sub teachers was rather fierce, and kept sucking in her breath sharply every time I made a klutzy mistake e.g. getting sweet crumbs all over the floor (long story).
e) Rituals actually have a calming effect even if some of the steps don’t have seem to have a rationale…it just is and somehow, this order brings peace.
f) Dragging yourself halfway across the room while kneeling (and attempting to look dainty while at it) to “collect” the tea is damn painful on the knees.
g) Anal alert: You can only scoop the green tea powder from the top right corner of the container.


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