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Gross, is everyone here for Gaiman? November 2, 2009

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My friend J. overheard this conversation at the Singapore Writer’s Festival book signing session of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer and in her own words, “suddenly felt very old”.

Girl A: I don’t know why everyone is here for Neil Gaiman? I just looove Amanda Palmer. She is waaaay cooool.
Girl B: Oh my god! What if when we get to the front, it’s just Neil Gaiman? I mean, gross, I don’t want his autograph. I only want Amanda to sign my book.
Girl A: Let’s check with the organisers. Maybe we can jump the queue since we just want Amanda’s autograph?
Girl B: You are like, so, practical, Tricia. God, that’s why I love you! You’re so fucking radical.

You know when someone is below the age of 20 when they use vulgarities in the least pressing and most trifle of circumstances.

Realisation: Amanda’s Palmer website is titled “Amanda F***ing Palmer”.


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