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Sublime Soup September 22, 2009

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I’m not Cantonese but I love my soups. Especially shark’s fin soup, which no environmentally-friendly plea can keep me away from. Today, I hereby verify that the most fantastic shark’s fin you can get in Singapore is at Taste Paradise at Ion Orchard.

Image courtesy of Taste Paradise

Image courtesy of Taste Paradise

This double-boiled concoction is served in this earthy Japanese stone pot which keeps the brew warm even after 20 minutes (which is probably the time you will take to finish it – the portion is huge!). The texture is thick, but not with starch. Because it is brewed for 12 hours, the fish maw in the soup gradually melts to give it this fantastic rich flavour and consistency (it’s apparently good for your joints too). To top it off, there is this awesome crispy onion roll which you can dip into the soup.

For those who really dig Mother Earth and all that, there is also the green version of this soup  – they use mock shark’s fin and tastes 99.9% like the real McCoy. I can confirm this since I’ve had the green and the non-green one on separate occasions and both left me in a state of euphoria. 

Best to have during rainy days!


3 Responses to “Sublime Soup”

  1. enette Says:

    aaaah!!! my guilty pleasure!! did you have it at your wedding?

  2. melch Says:

    no! coz there were certain politically-correct guests from my father-in-law’s list that would not have approved. bah!

  3. enette Says:

    hahaha! awww sucks! i want some sharksfin soup now!!!

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