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The Bucket List September 18, 2009

Filed under: Inspiration — mel @ 3:32 pm

My friend Hammie is going to do a marathon in Everest. It’s not something I would expect him doing, but in recent years, he’s become increasingly enthusiastic about hiking and this next feat is the riskiest he’s done so far.

This upcoming marathon has also made him extremely introspective about life. He knows his life is not really what he had envisioned 5 years ago. He knows he’s not the person he had always hoped to be. But he hasn’t stopped dreaming. So he created a Bucket List (after watching the movie it’s named after), ostensibly with items that involve exotic travel and high altitudes.

“I wish for you to not forget to visit those dreams every once in a while.”

Thanks for the reminder, Hammie.


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