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Crap Carpark Karma September 13, 2009

Filed under: Mopey mops — mel @ 12:09 am

Since reaching my driving nirvana  last year, I have gradually progressed to being a Somewhat Normal Driver except that my sense of direction is horrendous and I have to memorize my lefts and rights and landmarks religiously every time I drive to a new destination. It is reminiscent of the rote memory work I had to do with my Chinese compositions in school. 

Singapore is generally an Annoying Place to Drive Around In because in general, the repressed love to release their inner asshole within the metallic buffer of their motor vehicles. Top this with a space-deficient carpark and you know that it is going to be a hard day.

Today was a particularly bad day for me on the parking space front. A carpark that has a poor mechanical “bouncer” to keep the number of savage carpark hunters in check + lots of impatient Mercedes/BMW honkers who think the world owes them a parking space + not having enough money in Cashcard = Rude gestures + Migraine


3 Responses to “Crap Carpark Karma”

  1. Pinny Says:

    sigh. most places with lots of traffic are bad places to drive. dc is one of those. this guy wound down his window to curse at me for stopping to make sure my zipcar had room because his was in the middle of the car park ramp and he’d stopped out of nowhere to do don’t know what.

  2. melch Says:

    man. random, expletive-spouting drivers are the worst of the lot. they are the reason why road rage exists.

  3. Pinny Says:

    i know!! i don’t understand why some people think it’s ok to swear at other people!! 😦 it really ruined my evening especially after i’d had such a good shopping experience at trader joe’s!

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