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Sometimes plain is best July 11, 2009

Filed under: Tea for Thoughts — mel @ 2:09 pm
Ginger peach white tea

Disappointing tea

Today’s White Ginger Peach Tea is brought to you by The Republic of Tea, some atas tea label I picked up at Whole Foods (possibly my most favourite supermarket) in New York.

Verdict: The fragrance of the peach is natural and subtle enough but the taste is overall synthetic because of the processed flavourings and I can barely taste the white tea.

Sigh, their packaging looked so promising.


4 Responses to “Sometimes plain is best”

  1. Tym Says:

    Don’t fall for the packaging! 🙂

  2. Pinny Says:

    Wait til you go to Trader Joe’s it absolutely ROCKS! It proves you don’t have to be rich to be organic/environmentally-friendly! I acty detest Whole Foods now cos’ it’s become just another brand (along with VW Jetta, lululemon) for yuppie-types to latch onto to make themselves look cool.

  3. melch Says:

    Trader Joe’s huh? Ok will check that out next time I’m there. Not familiar with the supermarket scene – guess was just way too easily impressed with robot voice that tells you which counter to go to 😛

  4. Pinny Says:

    Hee hee well I used to LOVE Whole Foods when it was my only choice. Their whole image packaging just sucks you in and their bite-sized brownies are blardy yumz though the last time I had them they weren’t as good. Anyway, yea it’s a nice supermarket but just wayyy overpriced and a lot of their stuff isn’t too yummy either.

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